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Explore the skies of a Steampunk world while discovering islands, taming beasts, and battling anything that stands in your way.

Customize your own outpost as your base of operations for crafting and sending your captains out on missions while away. Join the story or create your own in Steam Bandits Outpost!

Resume your game on any device!
Runs on PC/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS


Assemble a party to aid you in dungeons and battles.

Seek out and unravel the conspiracy of the Farlands.

Explore exotic islands in this Steampunk RPG.

What waits out there among the rocks of the Farlands? Gather your captains and find out!

Who Are You?

Craft and customize your gear.

Colorize any outfit.

Let your Steampunk style shine!


Capture and tame wild beasts!


After securing the area, get an outpost up and running!

Decorate and colorize all of your buildings.

Visit your friends' islands and set up shops.

Buy more islands to expand your civilization!