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Beta1 Update, GDC, and Art Updates


The team has been working on our biiiig Beta1 patch. This patch will introduce the first dungeon instance of the game, The Green Grotto, complete with boss fights, epic loot, and a brand new dungeon tile set. We also are overhauling the crafting system to be a bit more interesting and relevant for RPG players. On top of that, players will be able to craft their own dyes/paints, healing and energy tonics, and various other things. Oh, the patch will also introduce character classes through our COG system, so you can mix ‘n match various class types for all of your humanoid characters.

The captain mission system is getting a major overhaul as well by adding a better sense of progression, more mission types, and region specific missions.

On the town-building side of things, we’re adding a building Worker system, where you’ll be able to assign NPC’s to a building and have them work there. As they perform tasks at a building, their skill will increase with that trade. There’s a lot more to it, and if you’re interested in learning more details, we post a bunch of our in-progress stuff on the forums here. The goal is for this patch to be very close to our final feature set, with the exception of some town-building elements. We’re taking our time to ensure all of these features are working well before releasing the patch. It looks like we’re about 3 weeks away from a possible release on that patch.


Jason and a few Iocaine folks will be at GDC in San Francisco this week from Tuesday to Friday. If you’d like to meet some of the devs, be sure to follow Jason on Twitter to see where he’ll be at:

New Face Style

We’ve been experimenting with updating our face system to allow for more “life-like” character and facial expressions. It’s the kind of thing that won’t be ready for a bit, but here’s a mock-up of what we’re going for.

Old Style:

Old face style

New Style:

New face style

We still have a ways to go with this, so the end result will probably not look exactly like that, but we’ll try to get as close as possible. Please let us know what you think :-)

Some Art!

Here’s a concept piece of one of the bosses in The Green Grotto. We call him the IG-209


And here’s a turtle!


–The Steam Bandits Team