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Update 0.5.0

New Stuff

  • Follower system now functional. This replaces the concept of captains with followers. A follower is a character that can either be placed in your party, or assigned tasks at your buildings. All tasks require a certain skill level with the task type, and performing a task gets the follower skill points in that field. For example, if one of your followers has the Tailor skill, they can perform tailoring tasks for you, and improve as they finish those tasks.
  • All town buildings changed to support the new follower task model. To produce gold coins, a follower will need to be assigned a task to work the Tavern. To harvest wood, a follower will need to be assigned a task to gather wood. etc.
  • Since this is the first patch with follower tasks, expect balance issues.
  • Follower traits partially in. Some followers are quicker at tasks, but might consume more resources for the task. Others might have a higher chance of crafting something more rare or getting bonus loot, but would have a higher labor cost.
  • The COG system is in! You can now equip COGs, which grant you 2 abilities per COG. COGs are a way of equipping class abilities, and allow you to mix ‘n match by having up to 2 COGs equipped.
  • In a later patch, COGs will also nudge your stats towards a certain class direction. Later level COGs will be added, but will require a professional to install/remove them.
  • A COG vendor has been added to Griffins Roost.
  • Missions have undergone a pretty big change. You can now earn reputation with the various factions in the world as you perform missions for them. Currently there are only Atmid and Snowhammer missions, but more will be added later.
  • Patrol, Safari, and Prospecting missions have been updated to provide beacons.
  • Assault missions now provide xp to the followers that perform them.
  • Escort missions provide a high amount of faction reputation.
  • Salvage missions provide resources for now, but later on will provide crafting materials and items.
  • Trade missions start simple, but as a follower becomes more skilled with them, more trade missions open up to allow for all types of resources to be exchanged.
  • Prologue/tutorial updated to introduce the new follower task system, COGs, and missions. We recommend resetting your character if you would like to see some of these new features. To reset your character, make a post in our forums here:
  • Added Dr. Beatrice Sangstrom to the Skyrunner Training Platform for the main story.
  • Jonas’s ship toilet now has loot.


  • Lots of small UI fixes and tweaks.
  • Quest fixes on Griffins Roost and Tier1 areas.
  • Lots of desync fixes.

Stuff that will be in a future patch

  • Proper crafting items. Right now they’re mostly temp.
  • Cleaner UI for follower tasks.
  • Desktop version of the UI with smaller buttons and tooltips.
  • WASD, click-and-hold, and gamepad controls
  • Berry farming.
  • LOTTTS more story stuff
  • Cutscenes before every act.
  • The Salon (to change your appearance)
  • Elemental damage types and states
  • Player shops