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Update 0.5.1

New Stuff

  • The new face style has been applied. Let us know what you think!
  • First phase of the desktop UI is in! You should notice smaller buttons for stuff based on your screen size.
  • You can now reset your character manually in the Options panel. No more waiting for Jason to get around to it in the forums :-)
  • A new vendor has been added to Runner’s Rest! Milly will sell contracts for followers you haven’t yet recruited. Her list is short, but will grow with future patches.
  • An Announcements window has been added to the main menu. This will help us keep you up to date with the latest news.
  • A stubbed out version of the intro is in. Right now it can only be accessed from the main menu. In future patches, there will be some better visuals and voice over for it.

Stuff that will be in a future patch

  • Crop farming/harvesting.
  • Proper crafting items. Right now they’re mostly temp.
  • Cleaner UI for follower tasks.
  • Desktop version of the UI with smaller buttons and tooltips.
  • WASD, click-and-hold, and gamepad controls
  • Berry farming.
  • LOTTTS more story stuff
  • Cutscenes before every act.
  • The Salon (to change your appearance)
  • Elemental damage types and states
  • Player shops